March 05, 2024


The Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council (NAMC) is the autonomous body to regulate and control Ayurveda medicine in Nepal. It was established under the Ayurveda Medical Council Act, 2045. The council is the regulatory and legislative body for Ayurveda courses, human resources, institutions, practitioners and traditional healers in Nepal. All Ayurveda practitioner and educational institutions have to register with the council. The council has developed a code of ethics for Ayurveda doctors and minimum requirements for Ayurveda educational institutions. The council’s main committee consists of an Ayurveda doctor nominated by the government as chairperson, three doctors nominated by the government, the DoA director, three doctors elected by registered doctors one campus chief nominated by the government and one registrar nominated by the government. The council registers eligible Nepali practitioners. Also, foreigners who want to practice Ayurveda medicine in Nepal, should be provisionally registered with the council (for one year at a time).

Message from Chairman

Dr. Santosh Kumar Thakur

Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council (NAMC) is the autonomous body established under Ayurveda medical council act- 2045. We are devoted to accomplish the mission of NAMC via launching, guiding, evolving and enduring through apportionment, good ascendancy and administration dedicated to the maintenance of standards and quality of academic study programs and practice of Ayurveda, the National system of Medicine, in Nepal as well as global needs. I ensure that only well qualified physicians and other members involved in healing arts traditionally will receive license and faithfully accept responsibility to the citizens of Nepal and strive to improve continuously in our commitment to fulfill the mission to protect the health of every citizens.
The council is regulatory body which guide, progress and sustain a network of ‘Institutions of Excellence’ in education meeting the national needs for global trends and regulate the practice of Ayurveda. We look forward to hearing from you with your valuable comments and suggestions.


Dr. Vasudev Upadhyay (Director General D.O.A)

Dr. Munkarna Thapa

Dr. Manglakant Jha

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sah

Dr. Bikash Raj Ghimire

Dr. Abhishek Tamrakar

Dr.Umesh Kumar Mehta

Dr. Rachana Poudel Koirala

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