December 03, 2023


Registration process

Application form is available from office. One should fill the form and apply himself/herself; and also should attend to collect the certificate. Council may follow an intensive investigation (itself or with cooperation of government’s related authority) if the submitted documents are seemed doubtful. Eligible person gets a certificate with permanent registration number, which is renewable in every 5 years. 

Required documents

– 3 copies passport sized photos

– 2 copies of photocopies of citizenship

– 2 copies of each certificates (SLC and above)

– All original certificates (for certain period)

– Bank Voucher (photocopy of voucher is not valid)


Registration fee (In NC)

  • MD/MS           7500/-  (9500/- for international degree          
  • BAMS or equivalent 5000/-        
  • AHA           1500/-        
  • AAHW 1000/-                  

 (AHA- Ayurved Health Assistant; AAHW- Auxiliary  Ayurveda Health Worker)



Those foreigner who wants to practice traditional medicine in Nepal, they also should be registered in NAMC. NAMC provides one-year registration certificate and should renew every year paying 15000/- (fifteen thousands rupees only). They should submit all certificates as mentioned above and also recommendation letters of organization/institution where they work.  However it is not possible to be registered who wants to established private clinic in Nepal.


Statistics of registration

– PG                                                  89


– BAMS/equivalent                            663

– AHA                                               1478

– AAHW                                           2036

– Traditional healers                           19

– Foreigner practitioners                     4


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